Terroir / climate/ geology

At l’Ermitage du Pic Saint Loup, the wine’s balance results from a subtle marriage of noble grape varieties and different types of terrain: limestone clay, red earth, gravel and pebbles.

Several soil types can be found in the area and the specific characteristics of each is revealed in the wine: hard and soft limestone, conglomerates, dolomites, limestone scree of fluvial or cryoclastic origin, marls.

Analysis of climatic factors has proven that these contribute to the particular character of the wines and have a significant effect on the wines’ organoleptic qualities. We often refer to the singularity of the Pic St Loup climate which is constant from vintage to vintage.

Water is a factor that directly influences the behaviour of the vines and rainfall is nicely spread out over the production cycle: sufficient winter rain to reconstitute the stocks of water in the ground and lack of rain in summer ensuring the dry conditions favourable to the vines.

There are marked variations in temperature in the Pic Saint Loup area during the period when the grapes are ripening, especially in the summer when the days are very hot and the nights are cool. These heat variations create specific conditions which are determining factors in the particular character of the wines.

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