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Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess…

The Pic Saint Loup: the legend of a gallant knight – a beautiful love story from the middle ages

Three Lords from the Languedoc – Guibal, Alban (also called Clair) and Thieri Loup – succumbed to the charms of a lovely princess, Bertrade, daughter of the Lord of Saint-Martin-de-Londres, who promised to give her hand to the bravest and most god-fearing.

Lord Loup, Lord Clair and Lord Guiral, wearing the colours of the Lady, left on the crusades to the kingdom of Jerusalem in order to defend the tomb of Our Lord Jesus Christ. They returned covered in glory, but alas, the beautiful princess had died before she could marry. Mad with sorrow, the three Lords retired from the world, but stayed never far from their Lady’s tomb. Lord Clair departed for a mountain in the South, Lord Loup to the East and Lord Guiral to the North. The three knights became hermits and every Christmas would light a fire to show that they were still alive.

These three hermits died one after the other, and in their memory the local inhabitants decided to baptise the mountains Saint Clair, Saint Loup and Saint Guiral.

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