Family history

In 1951, in the era of VDQS (the old "superior quality wine" designation) and high yields, l’Ermitage was a private estate. More inclined to pass his time with his sheep that produced milk for Roquefort cheese, the grandfather opted to join the cooperative system, and it was at his instigation that the cooperative winery of the village was created in that year. It was his son-in-law, also a member of the cooperative, who having inherited the land, decided to plant new grape varieties to achieve the quality that he also believed in.

In 1970, he introduced Syrah vines that were already a good base from which to start and prepared the estate for the AOC adventure that would begin 15 years later.

In 1992, the recent generation decided to set up at the domain and began producing independently. The three brothers, wine producers in the noblest sense, tamed the harsh Mediterranean scrubland in order to create some of the greatest wines of the region. These men of great taste and perseverance combined hard work and a love of the land to bring out all the qualities of this terroir that was destined to grow vines.

The three fish on the historical family crest even seem to be reference to these three brothers, deeply devoted to, and rooted in, their home land. The property marks the character of these free-spirited, dedicated wine producers.

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